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Oversized Women Clutches "Genny" Seven L.A.

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Oversized Women Clutches  "Genny" Seven L.A.

Seven L.A. presents this beige clutch that is a perfect fit for women. Crafted from leather , the clutch has an excellent finish and is mobile handy. For sure you do not want to carry one of those heavy and bulky bags when you want to go out to have some fun or chill with your friends. They are conveniently perfect for carrying your keys, and other necessary essentials to accommodate your needs. If you are looking for something simple and classy, than this basic stylish clutch should be there in your wardrobe. 


No matter what, this comfy and must have bags must be in your wardrobes!


  • Available Colors: Beige
  • Composition: 100% Leather
  • Product Code: 12124350201005

           Dimensions: Height: 18cm Width: 36cm